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Welcome all to a drive by blessing on Sunday, September 27, beginning at 11:30 AM.

We are celebrating the placement of our new cross on the front of our facility.  We are doing this because we want people to know that this is a place where people gather to grow to learn about the teachings of Jesus, to grow as disciples of Jesus and be open to the love of God as lived by Jesus the Christ.  This cross will be backlit so it can be seen at night, a visual beacon to the unconditional and inclusive love we teach and know that is of God in Christ.  

To celebrate, beginning at 11:30 AM, Pastor Brenda will be at the curb in front of the church on 5th AVe. Wearing a mask and a shield to protect you from her droplets, as people stop and lower the passenger window, she will offer a prayer and blessing.  In the interest of protecting her as well, if someone is in the passenger seat she asks that they be wearing a mask as well.

Please be prepared to line up to await your turn on the east side of the street, facing north.

Blessings one and all!