Brenda Nestegaard Paul
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We are missing communion. 

To be specific, we are missing Holy Communion, the Eucharist, with one another as the people of Trinity.  It is one of many things we have lost because of Covid 19 since not being able to gather in-person since March.

We have continued to be fed by the Word and our theology in both our Anglican and Lutheran churches teaches that is sufficient.   Services have been provided on-line and via email for hard copy as needed.  It doesn't mean, though, that we have not missed the sustenance, the gathering, the experiential communion in Christ's name, that is brought to bear as we receive the Bread and Cup.

As we don't know when we will be re-opening for in-person worship at Trinity, which would always include the Eucharist (albeit bread only during the pandemic), Pastor Brenda is offering to come to meet with you, on your own or with your bubble.

She will be masked and shielded.  She will wash her hands prior to the offering of the wafer and pouring the wine into the disposable cup.  She asks that all comply with safe distancing and, if meeting indoors, others will wear a mask as well.  The time together will short, the liturgy no more than 15 minutes.  But it will offer the opportunity of gathering together to hear a brief word, to pray, to eat and drink, to be refreshed for the time ahead, in person.

Contact PB if you would like her to come to commune with you.