Brenda Nestegaard Paul
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After being closed due to the pandemic since March 12, it had been hoped that Trinity Anglican + Lutheran Church would open its facility for a worship service on Sunday, Sept 27.

However, due to the continued spiking of Covid 19 infections in BC, and the recent request of the provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry for us to actually shrink our bubbles once more, Trinity Church Council decided at a special meeting this past week that we would postpone resuming in-person group gatherings at the church facility for the time being.  Ideally, we will re-open when the infection rate has levelled off once more. 

We will continue to prepare the space for gathering so that when conditions improve, we are ready to go.

Of course, the service won't be the same as it was prior to Covid 19.  It will last only 45 minutes, people will need to stay in their places, there will be no hugging or handshakes, no singing and more.  We reqeust that everyone wear a mask.  Communion will be served but only bread.  The presider, Pastor Brenda, will be wearing a mask and shield as she distributes.  Ventilation and keeping people safe is top of mind.

As there are limits as to how many people can be accommodated in the sanctuary given the necessity for physical distancing of 6 feet, those who wish to attend will need to phone ahead by Saturday noon.  (watch for that information to be posted here at a later date).  Space will always be left open for those new to the faith community or dropping in for the first time.

Given that for many the congregationl singing and the coffee hour following worship are two of the primary highlights of a Sunday morning gathering, it will be a significant change from what they are used to.  Yet, just being able to see one another, gathered into one space after so long, will be gift.

We will ask that people stay away if feeling sick.  The on-line worship service will continue into the future.  

For more information, contact the pastor or wardens by leaving a message at 250.724.4921.  Please pray for us all as we move forward into this new reality.