We are back to worshiping together Sunday morning in our church on angus and 5th!  Since the 1st Sunday in Lent it has been so good to be in each other's presence once more.  

Presentely we still ask everyone who attends to be masked and we encourage vaccinations.  Please be respectful of people's personal space.  Though right now we commune in one kind (receiving bread only) as of Holy Week we will begin to receive the wine/juice as well.

Our Sunday School ins in a re-build phase and will be up and running come the fall.  For our younger folk we presently provide 'Sunday School on a Clipboard' which helps our younger folk to be present with us.  Should extra energy need to be run off, there is the hall easily accessible for that to occur as well as a quiet space just around the corner from the sanctuary. 

Our online service continues for when people are unwell or unable to attend as well as an outreach beyond our walls.

All are welcome, no ifs ands or buts.  All are beloved!  Come!  Join us.