Brenda Nestegaard Paul
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Trinity's pastor, the Rev Brenda Nestegaard Paul and her daughter Bronwynn will be away on holidays from now until August 12.  The online services they have been offering will be suspended during this time.

While PB is away, the Venerable Dianne Tomalin and the Rev Patrick Tomalin will be providing the worship services and sermons for the five Sundays via email.  Members of the congregation already on Trinity's email list will receive them Saturday morning. 

Should you wish to receive a copy of the service to pray at home along with the sermon, please leave a message on the Trinity office phone - 250.724.4921

As well should you be in need of emergency pastoral care, please leave a message and someone will get back to ASAP.

God's peace be with you!   The online worship services will resume August 16, 2020.  Remember, you are beloved!!!