What is it like to worship at Trinity?  *right now during the pandemic, some of what you read below is changed a bit to keep everyone safe.  Just so you know.  But the spirit is the same!

When you walk into our sanctuary you will be greeted by a friendly person who will give you a worship leaflet.  It is your guide.  We're what's called a liturgical church so our worship life is guided by liturgies, rooted in the ancient church yet refreshed by the ongoing work of the Spirit.  There will be prayer, a sermon, quiet, even laughter.  The text for the liturgy will be in the Worship leaflet.

We sing a lot and the music will be in a book.  (We're purposely low tech in our worship life ..... kind of nice to be very tactile in a super charged technological world).  We're a sacramental church.  You will be welcomed to participate fully in the worship service, including coming forward to the altar for the Eucharist/Holy Communion/Lord's Supper, no ifs, ands or buts. We mean it when we say 'All Are Welcome'.

It is our hope that you will experience the unconditional welcome and warmth that we believe is of God in Christ.  

What about my kids?

Children aged 4 to 12 gather in the sanctuary with their families to begin worship together.  Following the Prayer of the Day and a conversation with Pastor Brenda, they are encouraged to meet with our Sunday School teacher downstairs in the room set aside for that purpose.  (Parents are always welcome to come along).  Following the sermon and prayers in the worship service, the children will come up and join us for the sharing of the peace and the meal.   Of course, those who are younger are welcome to stay upstairs with their parents.  There is a space in the midst of the assembly where there are quiet toys for children to play and books to read should that be helpful. 

Where do I park?

If you need level parking, please park behind the church.  Parking is available on both sides of the street on Angus and 5th.  There is also room in the Court House parking lot across from the front entrance of Trinity.

What do I wear?

There is no special dress code at Trinity.  Come dressed as you are comfortable.

How can I get connected?

Every Sunday following worship, there is a time for refreshments.  It's like the family sits down together and catches up on what's going on in their lives.  It's a great opportunity for someone new to the community to get to know others. 

Pastor Brenda likes to meet people.  Let her know if you would like to have a chat.  On this website are numerous opportunities for connecting with the community.  Feel free to check it out as you like or speak to PB+ should you have any questions.