We are all given gifts to share and have the talents to grow in others.  Prayerfully consider how you will share yours with us!  

With the pandemic, much has altered and we are just beginning to figure out how we are moving forward together.

All For One:  a woman's group that is on hiatus for the moment

Building & Maintenance:  a group who overesee the work that needs to be done in caring for the Trinity facility

Care Home Communion:  Pastor Brenda and others from the congregation offer a communion service to the people at four Port Alberni care homes, each once a month.  On hiatus for the moment.

Altar Guild:  a dedicated group who prepare the altar and worship space prior to worship services.

Choir:  a non-auditioned group of singers under the direction of PB who lead the congregation in its song every Sunday, as well as singing an introit and anthem.  Weekly rehearsals on Thursdays from 4:30 to 6 PM.  On hiatus due to Covid.

Hospitality Team:  oversees the congregation's hospitality and welcome ministry including the rotating five coffee teams on Sunday morning.  *on hiatus

Mission & Outreach Team:  a ministry team whose focus is exactly what it says.

Parish Council:  a group of elected individuals whose purpose is governance of the Parish.

Pastoral Care Team: a ministry team that offers care to those within our faith community who are in need.

Technical Support: several individuals who assist in making sure the tech side of life at the church is running just fine.

Worship assistants: being a liturgical people means that many are engaged in the 'work of the people' (that's what liturgy means).  Every worship service, in particular Sunday AM, involves readers, pray-ers, communion assistants, sidespersons, and greeters.  Please offer your willingness to assist where you are feeling the Spirit's pull.

Worship Planning Team:  a ministry team that helps Pastor Brenda plan the congregation's worship life.