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On Thursday, December 9th, Trinity Community Hall was abuzz with Island Health and Public Health personnel meeting the public seeking Covid 19 vaccinations.  The clinic is currently running Tuesday through Saturdays, 8:30 to 4:30, from within the Hall.  It is contracted to be in place until the end of June.

The leadership of Trinity were thrilled when approached by Island Health as to the availability of this space.  "Right now, this space is what we have to offer the wider community in the midst of this pandemic" remarked Pastor Brenda.  "Giving up our space for this purpose is a way for us to help where it is especially needed.  It's why we did our recent 'build', to ensure our facility was accessible to all and to partner with the wider community as called upon and opportunties arise to nurture mind, body and spirit."  

Though the Hall and its adjacent parts will be occupied for the next 7 months, the balance of the Trinity facility will continue to function for the church's ministry and programs.