Brenda Nestegaard Paul
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They say the road to hell is laid with best intentions.  Well we had the intention to be open for in-person worship for the second time, this one to begin Nov 29, the First Sunday of Advent. It was not to be.

The pandemic is worsening now close to home.  The province's rules and orders are to be obeyed for the good of the whole community.  As a people who are committed to loving our neighbour as ourself, we get it.

So for now, online worship is it, with the sermon and liturgy sent out (mailed out on request) via email.

Pastor Brenda may be contacted for her listening ear, or prayer or whatever one might need to speak with her about.  Leave messages at 250.724.4921.  In emergency, call her at 604.740.2670.

In the meantime, for that is where we always live, we trust with Judith of Norfolk that all will be well, all will be well, all in Christ Jesus will be well.