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Message from Bishop Kathy 
Holy Week and EasterThis week we gather for the central event of our worship year: the journey through Holy Week to the Great Three Days and the season of Easter. May God grant us courage and creativity to joyfully participate in this Good News. Blessings on the journey!Maundy Thursday - Jesus told his disciples about his love for them and then he showed them, too. The Last Supper becomes our way of life. In this service we will share in the commandment of Jesus to love one another as many congregations gather around the word and Lord’s Supper.Good Friday - We will gather around the Cross of Jesus, hearing the Passion according to John and praying for the world. In many places there may be a community stations of the cross walk.Easter Vigil – The Vigil of Easter is celebrated this evening as the conclusion to the sacred Triduum. What began on Holy Thursday, and continued through Good Friday and Holy Saturday, now culminates in the initial celebration of the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ, from the dead – a celebration that will continue tomorrow morning and throughout the seven weeks of the Easter season. If you wish there is an Easter Vigil online - Holy Week with Gaza (see link in the announcements)Easter Sunday - Christ is Risen! We celebrate the new life in the Resurrection! We sing and experience again the story that is the hope of the world. Alleluias abound!Anticipating Visitors During Holy Week and Easter(From the MNO Synod e-News, March 15th , 2024) Holy Week and Easter often provide extra opportunities for congregations to anticipate and welcome guests or those who have not attended worship in a while.  Family members may accompany those they are visiting. Community members with a history of faith or church attendance may seek out a special service. Individuals wrestling with questions, concerns, or other struggles might seek out a space for contemplation and ritual.  Preparing for visitors takes intention, planning, preparation and prayer. Here are some questionsto ask as your congregation prepares for the services of Holy Week and the season of Easter:1. Is information on our social media updated and easy to find?2. Is information on our church web site updated and easy to find? Information may include service times, location, information about child care/nursery, statement of welcome, and instructions about communion3. Are ushers anticipating visitors and ready to initiate and extend welcome?4. Are hospitality teams (fellowship time, etc) anticipating visitors and ready to initiate and extend welcome?5. Does the language around introduction, welcome, and communion anticipate visitors and those who may not be familiar with the practices of the congregation?6. Is information visible from the street (signage, etc) clear and updated?7. Are there resources and opportunities for those who may seek out your congregation via social media or other digital platforms?