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Canada Day:  Happy Canada Day! 


Lay Leadership Graduates today we celebrate Geerry and Julie who will take up their role to lead us in worship, we are grateful for their commitment to Trinity. Thank You! 


Community Cupboard There is a list in the basket at the back of the church of the recommended foods for low-income people to bring for the cupboard, and at this time of year a few pieces of fresh fruit are always welcome. If you are at the church for any reason and you see the cupboard is empty, please take some items from the shelves for it. 


Wednesday Morning Communion St. Marks in Qualicum offers Communion every Wednesday between 11:30 and 12:00. The service is quiet and reflective. If you are interested in attending speak to others and see if there is a possibility of carpooling.  


Our Website Now you have seen the website and know all that is on it, check back often as it is constantly changing.  You find the website at you can use the arrow at the top far right to view the services on youtube or go directly to our youtube channel at, you can subscribe to our youtube channel.  Thank you, Michelle for all keeping our website so up to date. 


Grounds Cleanupand Building Maintenance a building the size and age of Trinity takes a lot of upkeep. Nathan is working away at things as time permits. If you would like to help Nathan – just let him know.  


Music for Services The choir is off for the summer. David Cox and Nathan arrange music for Sundays.  Thank you to David for his leadership and all the choir members who give their time to make our services more joyful. 


Just a reminder of the coming services of Communion 

  • July 21st   Rev. Rob Hutchison – Honorary Assistant St. Marks Qualicum 
  • August 25th Rev. Susan Hermanson 


Upcoming dates: 

About the wider Church There is a wealth of new information provided by our Diocese and Synod websites: and 

The announcements will be prepared by Geerry Roe for the next while.